My journey with my ‘fur family’ began in November 2013 with the arrival of our little black Labrador pup called Dubh.  Little did I know at the time just how much she’d influence my future!

When my late father was diagnosed with a terminal illness earlier that year, Dubh was the one that visited with me on a very regular basis and helped brighten his day (This often involved sneaking to his side, slowly pulling the blanket from his knees and curling up at his feet!).  Why am I telling you this?  Well, its because it was Dad and Dubh that influenced my business name.  In 2014, Graham Albert Iles and Snowdrop Alderberry became Albertasno.

In 2016 my involvement with Labrador dogs and puppies really began and since then my knowledge of all things affecting their welfare has grown dramatically (full story at

During my studies in Canine Nutrition I was required to learn about canine anatomy and physiology and this got me thinking … Dogs have roughly forty times more smell sensitive receptors than humans.  This means that their sense of smell is incredibly powerful, so when considering what products we use within our home to make them smell nice, we ought to consider how they affect our dogs.

In 2022 I wanted my journey with my dogs to take a diversion from its historical course.  I wished to create a product that could be enjoyed by owners but have no negative effect on our fur family members.  And so the creating and testing began, until the autumn of 2023 when Albertasno Wellbeing was born.

Please look through my other pages to gain a better understanding of the culture and ethos of Albertanso Wellbeing and facts surrounding making the products as they are.