Candle Safety

Ablbertasno Wellbeing strive to sell high-quality candles that burn wonderfully.  The information below should help your candle burn cleaner and longer but also keep you safe.

Always burn the candle on a level and non-flammable surface, out of drafts and away from other objects and not left unattended.  Be mindful that the base of the tin will become very hot, particularly towards the end when there is minimal wax present.  When your candle reaches 5mm from the base, it is recommended that you should cease use.

On the first candle burn, it is recommended that you burn the candle for a least 2 hours.  This allows the melt pool to reach edges of the container and helps avoid tunnelling.

Tunnelling can occur when not enough wax is being melted and you end up with a ‘tunnel’ running down the centre of the candle.

You should also trim the top of the wick, if required between each light (approx. 5mm).  This will stop the flame becoming too large and the candle burning too hot and therefore reducing longevity.

Wax Melt Safety

Only use the wax burner on a level, heat resistant surface, out of drafts and away from other objects.  Do not leave unattended.

When the burner is in use it will be hot to touch so do not move it when a tealight is lit.  When finished, allow the burner to cool before moving it.

Remove the used wax before adding more to avoid overflow.

Animal Safety

Animals can react differently to different factors.  Therefore, if you notice any change in your dog, cease usage and consult a vet immediately.  No dog should ingest or come into direct contact with any of the products.  If you require additional guidance, please contact me.