Albertasno Wellbeing is all about the creation of fragranced products for our homes that can be enjoyed by us humans but with no negative effects on our fur family.

During my studies in Canine Nutrition I was required to learn about canine anatomy and physiology and this got me thinking … Dogs have roughly forty times more smell sensitive receptors than humans.  This means that their sense of smell is incredibly powerful, so when considering what products we use within our home to make them smell nice, we ought to consider how they affect our dogs.


A range of candles, handmade using ethically sourced and vegan-friendly ingredients that can be safely enjoyed by humans and dogs.

Wax Melts

Our range of highly fragranced, all natural wax melts. Handmade using soy wax which is both biodegradable and easy to dispose of after use.

Ginger Wax Melts for dogs

My Story

I wished to create a product that could be enjoyed by owners but have no negative effect on our fur family members. And so the creating and testing began, until the autumn of 2023 when Albertasno Wellbeing was born.



I have spent time in researching suppliers, striving for ethically sourced, safe and vegan-friendly ingredients. In turn, products are produced for the benefit of humans but with consideration of the effect on our dogs.

Highly Scented

Super happy to find these wax melts with high scent and great longevity. The advice on safety and how to use them was helpful too.

Carly - Worcestershire

Greater knowledge

I had no idea that some essential oils are toxic to dogs. I can now make an informed decision on what candles and wax melts to buy.

Simon - Oxon

Wonderful service

Such natural fragrances, clearly made with great care. Wonderful service and I’ll be ordering more!

Samantha - Cirencester

No more sneezing

I’ve been able to rid our home of dog smells with no affect on them. Others I've used made my dogs sneeze.

Nicola - Swindon

Small business support

I appreciate the one-person process in making these wonderful candles and I am always keen to support small businesses.

Victoria - Dorset